Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federal nutrition's program that allows programs to serve healthy and nutritious meals to children and older adults. Our Nutritionists are the leading experts in the field in promoting CACFP and carrying out its mission.

We work with programs to create healthy and nutritious cycle menus that includes Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. When creating the menus we consider the cultural make up and demographics of the program. Having menus that are multicultural enable the children to still enjoy the meals they are used to eating and also exposed them to other foods.
A large part of CACFP is role modeling and encouraging family style dining. Our Nutritionists provide trainings and support to center staff on the keys to role modeling for children during mealtime and provide trainings on family
style dining.

NYEG is a National Industry Partner of the National CACFP Association (NCA). (

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