How NYEG Supports CACFP

Here are some ways we support CACFP at our programs:

  • Provide trainings on CACFP guidelines and the importance of nutrition during early childhood.

  • Create cost-effective and culturally-appropriate cycle menus which adhere to CACFP dietary requirements, while also considering resources available to kitchens staff.

  • Review food allergies and restrictions to ensure that all required documentation is provided by parents and that these children are provided alternative menu items that are reimbursable by CACFP.

  • Provide resources to encourage program compliance with CACFP guidelines.

  • Monitor adherence to CACFP guidelines throughout the year.

  • Review CACFP documentation such as production records, meal counts, and income eligibility forms.

  • Increase parent awareness of and engagement in CACFP practices with nutrition education materials, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and taste-testings.

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