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At NYEG we believe that cooking your own food is the best guarantee that you are truly eating healthy and getting proper nutrition.

Our cooking classes and workshops aim to teach amateur cooks the basic fundamentals and essentials to cooking for themselves.

Adults and Seniors

Our classes offer a hands-on approach to empower adults and seniors to build self confidence in the kitchen while focusing on: 

  • Basic kitchen and knife skills

  • Learning new methods of cooking

  • Expanding knowledge of new foods and flavors 

  • Adopting healthy eating habits 

  • Cooking on a budget 

  • Socializing and having fun and more


Early Childhood and School Age

Children learn how to cook like a master chef! Learn basic cooking skills and how to cook your favorite meals. We aim to establish and encourage healthy habits and a build positive self-esteem. We believe that cooking and eating healthy begins at an early age.

Our cooking classes for children also hit on quality educational indicators of which include:

  • Math skills 

  • Reading comprehension 

  • Real-life applied science 

  • Communication skills and more


Corporate Wellness Cooking Classes

At NYEG, we fully realize that having a productive and motivated workforce is clear sign of a well ran company. Our corporate cooking workshops are geared towards sharpening your minds, keeping up your energy throughout the workday and most importantly creating a healthy culture internally.


Cooking Classes are offered for all age groups, agencies and companies.

  • For Children both Early Childhood and School Age

  • Families

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Health Fairs   

  • Corporate Wellness Events     

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