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Our ESL for seniors classes are aimed at enhancing and improving their emotional  and mental health. Many of our seniors in our programs and communities face hurdles such as isolation, deteriorating health, living on fixed income and other factors that alter their well being.  ESL classes for for seniors has profound benefits and some of which include.


  • Instilling confidence 

  • Boosting overall mood

  • Reducing stress

  • Support with memory loss

  • Increase social awareness

  • Increases concentration



Our classes for adults use real world word examples and concepts and we build on what they already know. We use target indicators that helps us measure the performance of the class and the individual.

The basic areas our classes cover for adults include (writing, reading, conversation, building grammar and vocabulary, fluency development, pronunciation and more). Role playing is very popular in our classes because we know the best way to learn is by expression. 

ESL programming is available for families and adults and for all programs and agencies:

  • Head Start Centers

  • All Schools

  • Shelters

  • Transitional and Supportive Housing

  • Senior Centers and Senior Programs

  • Social Adult Day Cares

  • Community Centers and more

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