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Menus: Develop cycle menus for all FCC providers.

  1. Ensure a wide variety of food items are on the menus.

  2. Menu items meet the demographics and cultural make up.

  3. By offering standardized menus, providers will know what to offer to children ahead of time.

  4. Providers are required to complete a menu change form, when there’s any need to do a substitution.

  5. Customize menus or find substitutions for children who require special diet.


Recipe Book: Develop recipe books that contain recipes with simplified preparation steps for staff to follow.

  1. This allows providers to enhance their food preparation skill and offer a wide variety of food items to children.

  2. Children will increase exposure to new food items.


Home Visits:

  1. The team will conduct meal observations and provide training for providers.

  2. FSG team will ensure providers record keepings and documentation are done properly.

  3. FSG will also check providers’ storage, sanitation and safety.

  4. To ensure food safety - such as meal preparation, cook to the right temperature, food storage etc.

  5. Create a system to document providers’ performance standard after each home-visit/audit / observation.


Monitoring & Quality Management & Training:

  1. Develop performance standards to ensure providers are meeting expectations.

  2. Provide regular trainings to FCC providers and staff.

  3. Trainings to families may include but not limited to food purchasing, food labeling.

  4. Education materials and trainings may be offered in providers’ native language.


Critical Providers

  1. FSG will increase home-visit frequency for these providers for increase monitoring.

  2. FSG will monitor these providers to ensure corrective actions are taken and standards are maintained.

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