At NYEG, we are committed to helping all of our programs and clients improve their operational efficiency and productivity. Our team are specialists establish policies, procedures and systems by streamlining all daily operations. The aim is to centralize every nuance of the operations by creating consistent practices that address menu development,  procurement, food safety and quality.


Cost Reduction

  • Develop purchasing, receiving and inventory protocols

  • Develop systems that manage food cost


Improve Quality

  • Develop systems to ensure that food quality standards are met

  • Ensure programs meet all local, state and federal compliance requirements

  • Create cycle menus


Evaluate Staffing

  • Develop new staffing structures that meet the needs of the operation.

  • Develop job descriptions



  • Provide Food Safety training's to minimize risks of food-borne illnesses.

  • Implement HAACP programs for large operations.

  • Staff training's include everything and anything

Food Service and Management Contracting is for all programs and agencies

  • Head Start Centers

  • Child Cares (both private and non profit)

  • School Age

  • Schools

  • Shelters

  • Transitional and Supportive Housing

  • Senior Centers and Senior Programs

  • Social Adult Day Care

  • Community Centers and more

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