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The Mental Health Therapist will work with the agency providing therapeutic services while using evidenced-based therapy. They will provide clinical services oversight to children experiencing complex behavioral health challenges in the centers. Emphasis is on providing a whole-person approach to care and addressing physical and behavioral health.

Summary of Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Interoperability of evidence-based treatment plans and documentation for data collection and outcomes

  • Ensure annual age-appropriate behavioral health screenings using evidence-based tools

  • Referral support and bi-directional tracking with communications to the admin team

  • Keep accurate documentation of all interventions and determinations of diagnosis summaries

  • Provide ongoing measurement of the individual in service outcomes and evaluation of intervention

  • Provide professional development and workshops for parents and staff

  • Conduct classroom observations

  • Review Developmental Screening results to make necessary internal and external special education and mental health referrals as necessary

  • Meet with Management, Staff and Caregivers as needed

  • Create Individualized and Behavior Modification Plans for Children with atypical, cognitive, developmental and emotional behaviors

  • Collaborate with Nutritionists, Nurse, other NYS State Health Professionals and Directors

  • Participate in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings

  • Provide other services as required by the program

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