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Child Nutrition Virtual Summit 2020

Child Nutrition Virtual Summit 2020

Two of our very own presented at the 2020 CNVS! 


Salome Pemberton, RD, CDN, CCNP

Salome is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist working with Early Childhood Programs throughout New York City. She is passionate about encouraging nutritious foods at a young age and she believes that the early childhood phase is critical in developing long-term healthy eating behaviors. Salome is also very passionate about healthy eating through a multicultural lens. She has a variety of experiences advising programs on CACFP-creditable meals and counseling families on nutritionally adequate diets for children who require special diets such as food allergy/intolerance, gluten-free, and vegetarian/vegan diets. Salome is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Health as she is very interested in improving population health through evidence-based data. She is actively engaged in formative research studying Emergency Food Assistance Systems and the Social Determinants of Health that influence food access and nutrition-related behaviors.

Food Allergies & Special Diets

Leah Galitzdorfer, RD, CCNP

Leah advocates for the development of healthy eating behaviors through the celebration of culture and the establishment of strong community connections, with the ultimate goal of reducing the health disparities commonly seen among the city's most underserved populations. She has contributed to research efforts aiming to achieve this by using human-centered and culturally sensitive approaches. Her most recent research addresses the dietary needs of Hispanic men with Type 2 Diabetes, as perceived by health professionals. As a nutrition consultant for child care centers located in NYC, Leah provides program support for CACFP implementation through monitoring, evaluations and staff trainings. In addition, Leah continuously works to increase awareness of CACFP among program participants, offering cooking demonstrations, workshops, and educational resources.

Extending CACFP Beyond the Classroom