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The NYEG Early Childhood Nurse will coordinate and oversee the health care services across the sites. This includes completing all screenings including hearing, vision, height, weight, dental and lead. Dental and vision will be monitored and charted if completed prior by the physician. Weight will be monitored and recorded if completed prior and nurse will complete a follow up after 3 months. This also includes managing all health and nutrition components of the programs in accordance with federal and state regulations, implementing the medication policy including administration of medication, measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and monitor records to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and function as part of a cohesive team that develops and monitors program operations.


  1. Assist center base site with health related information for each child and review all medical information and charts.

  2. Document visits at all sites for data collection in accordance with all guidelines for health related child outcomes.

  3. Review child physicals upon enrollment and on a regular basis thereafter to ensure appropriate updates and sustaining of ongoing physical updates.

  4. Ensure all physicals have been completed within the last year.

  5. Ensure the child is up to date with vaccinations.

  6. Provide guidance for the completion of Child Health Care Plans and monitor every six months for update compliance, renewals or changes in medication and to update doctor/parent permission to continue administering.

  7. Review of any medications that are related to allergies or specific medical care instructions and note this information in the children’s file.

  8. Provide training, technical assistance for staff on medical concerns and proper care for those children with Health Care Plans in place.

  9. Work with families to encourage dental care.

  10. When necessary provide assistance to families and staff regarding healthcare management concerns.


  1. Employs the principles of learning and appropriate teaching methods to promote an optimal level of wellness for families and children.

  2. Serves as a health educator to children, families, and staff, assisting them toward assuming responsibility for their individual and family health.

  3. Acts as a resource person on health issues.


  • Complies with medical, nursing, and educational ethics.

  • Exhibit strong organizational and administrative skills to implement and promote the health program.

  • Case management, health intervention and interdisciplinary collaborating skills.

  • Awareness of community resources and referral information.

  • Advanced skills in interpersonal communication and health counseling.

  • Implement advanced nursing protocols on pediatrics and adolescent medicine.


  1. Develop the new agency Health Plan.

  2. Conduct trainings and workshops for agency staff on all health awareness issues and trends.

  3. Serve as the lead nurse educator and expert on the subject matter for the agency.


  • Conduct virtual trainings for Family Services staff on all COVID-19 related topics.

  • Conduct monthly ongoing COVID education programming.

  • Support center staff with taking and logging temperatures.

  • Educate staff on identifying COVID signs and symptoms and developing action plans.

  • Work with staff to create an emergency COVID service plan.

  • Work with staff to develop a protocol to monitor inventory of thermometers and PPE.

  • Collaborate and work with NYEG program nutritionists on all COVID related matters.

  • Serve as the lead nurse educator and expert on the subject matter for the agency.

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