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NUTRITION CONSULTING                                                                                          

  • The NYEG Early Childhood Registered Dietitian (RD) will:

  • Conduct Nutrition Counseling for children between the ages of 2-5. They will be responsible for implementing health and safety practices that adhere to the National Head Start (HS) Performance Standards. Monitor each child's health by performing periodic health checks, observations and screenings. Screenings include a review of anthropometric measurements, blood pressure, lab results, food restrictions, and developmental milestones

  • Provide nutrition recommendations to families whose children have eating and medical-nutrition concerns, such as food allergies and restrictions, picky eaters, underweight, overweight, obesity, and anemia.

  • Conduct individual nutrition counseling sessions with families.

  • Obtain the most recent dietary history and related health information to make culturally appropriate diet recommendations to families.

  • Discuss child’s health and dynamic with their families.

  • Provide support to families to overcome barriers to ensure successful lifestyle and diet modification.

  • Evaluate and assess classroom meal preparation and conducts.

  • Create nutrition-related documents, including:

    • Allergy List

    • Food Restriction

    • Meal Observation Form completion

  • Individual Child Meal Observations

    • The nutrition Team will visit a child with an eating issue during mealtime in the classroom and make their assessments.

  • Documentation System

    • The RD will follow up with families at all sites to ensure required follow-up is taking place for high-risk cases.


  1. Create cycle menus to meet the demographics of the program

  2. Incorporate seasonal varieties into cycle menus.

  3. Recipe development and nutritional analysis

  4. Create a food allergy policy that is consistent with all sites

  5. Provide training to staff on completing accurate CACFP production records for meal reimbursement and monthly CACFP claims


  1. Nutrition Workshops for Staff, Families & Children

    • Conduct 6 CACFP workshops throughout the program year at all 2 sites for the kitchen staff.

    • Conduct 12 Nutrition Education workshops annually throughout the programs for the families and children.


  • Adhering with the NYC Food Standards, CACFP, Head Start, DOE & Federal Reviews


  • Assess and evaluate all purchasing and bids

  • Develop systems that manage food cost

  • Stay within the limit per meal reimbursable cost

  • Develop purchasing charts that simplify the ordering procedure for staff

  • Assess staffing needs


  1. Dietetic Interns will complete 100 hours each in both programs.

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