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Obesity Prevention could be conducted as either a 6 or 12-week continuous program. This program covers the medical conditions and the quality of life impact that results from being overweight. Some of the conditions that people are at risk for when they are overweight are Type 2 Diabetes, high blood sugar, cancer, heart disease and many other conditions. Our nutritionists work with the participants in a group setting and set goals to address obesity, eating healthy, increasing consumption of more fruits and vegetables, promoting fitness and more importantly sets attainable expectations for each participant.


Obesity Prevention programming is available for families and adults for all types of agencies:

  • Head Start Centers

  • All Schools

  • Shelters

  • Transitional and Supportive Housing

  • Settlement Houses

  • Community Clinics

  • Prevention Clinics

  • Residential Treatment Clinics

  • Community Centers and more!

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