NYEG Nutritionists selected to present at the National Child Nutrition Conference

I am excited to share with everyone that Salome Pemberton and Leah Galitzdorfer, two of our very own nutritionists at NYEG have both been selected to present at this years National Child Nutrition Conference.


Salome and Leah are both distinguished in their field especially in early childhood and community nutrition and we are beyond absolutely proud of both of them and their accomplishments.

Leah and Salome provide support to many of NYEG's agencies across NYC and the work they do certainly extends beyond just early childhood. 

Leah Galidzdorfer, RD, CCNP

Topic presenting on: 

Extending CACFP Beyond The Classroom: Creating healthy eating patterns in the classroom is only one part of the equation: Parents and home environments are the other. Learn about the important role parents play in the development of a child’s feeding patterns and how to increase parent awareness and engagement of CACFP best practices

Salome Pemberton, RDN, CDN, CCNP  

Topics presenting on:

Food Allergies & Special Diets: Learn how to identify the top 8 sources of food allergens, recognize the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance, understand documentation requirements for CACFP claims,  discover how to properly prepare an allergen safe meal, and develop menus that accommodate food allergies and special diets.

The Role of Nutrition Education in the Classroom: Children spend most of their time in school, and it is where the foundation for healthy habits are laid. Learn ways to incorporate nutrition in the classroom through engaging activities, discussions, and role modeling. Get resources for easy-to-use lesson plans that teach nutrition to children.  At NYEG, we never waiver from our mission and will continue being a champion for all of our programs, families and communities.

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