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AT NYEG, we incorporate wide ranging children friendly activities focused around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our Curriculum also includes various components including Gardening and Nutrition.

  • Lesson plans will focus on hands on programming such as working with blocks while building ramps, bridges, buildings while incorporating critical thinking skills.

  • Gardening components will include water, planters and seeds while at the same time engaging them in the study of science

  • Food and Nutrition will be tied in to math, measurement and reading while following recipes

  • The Technology component will be used to research information on the computer

  • Classroom teaching will include both an instructional and hands-on component

  • The instructor will develop monthly lesson plans following a scope and sequence outline

  • The lesson plans are designed specifically for children to achieve basic developmental educational milestones in collaboration with the program

  • Milestones development include various learning components such as language, literacy, social development as well as fine and gross motor development

  • Taking Turns is always encouraged and supported in our lessons by always providing the children with a positive learning environment

    1. Learning Rhymes and songs that best support gardening, growing, animals, weather and insects

    2. Art is used as a medium to help reinforce the material learned

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