At NY Enrichment Group, we have the best team around and each one of us is committed to the work we do in our communities. Our mission is enhancing our communities. When we were founded in 2009, we solely focused on nutrition and restructuring food service operations for organizations large and small, but over time our reach and the work we do has significantly increased.  From the beginning, the work we did was quality and we decided to build on that work by establishing a common theme at NYEG, which has always been to strengthen our communities, programs, organizations large and small and the people we serve.

That was a pretty tall order at the time for a small start up company, but we never wavered from our mission and commitment to serving our communities. In 2019, we started NY Enrichment Group to reflect the endless and comprehensive services we provide. FSG became our official holding company. NYEG is now largest and leading Health, Wellness, Nutritional and Educational Management Group for all Non-Profit Social Service Agencies in the Tri-state. At NYEG, all the work we do is revolved around improving health and quality of life through the integration of all the services and programming we offer. We have a diverse and bilingual team of professional staff that quite simply put are the best people in the industry.


  • NYS Registered Nutritionists and Registered Nurses

  • Certified Lactation Consultants

  • Green House and Community Garden Educators 

  • Food Service Operations Experts

  • Executive Chefs

  • Board Certified Mental Therapist

  • Certified Health & Wellness Instructors

  • Arts & Craft professionals

  • Licensed Art and Music Therapists

  • Kitchen Design Architects

  • NYS Certified Teachers

  • Certified Wellness Therapists 

  • Board Certified Mental Therapists

  • Licensed ABA Therapists

  • Professional Health Coaches

  • Certified Evidence Based Wellness Instructors

  • Professional Development Trainers

  • Licensed Speech Language Pathologists

  • Licensed Occupational Therapist

  • ESL Instructors

  • Certified Massage Therapists

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