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At NYEG we realize that every child learns and tests differently. Our Tutoring sessions enable children to receive individualized attention that they typically would not receive in a crowded classroom.

Our State certified teachers provide tutoring sessions either in a group setting or one-on-one. Our tutors cater to each child's needs and can identify the areas where the child needs more support. The main subject areas we cover include MATH and ELA. Our Tutoring sessions will help children with grasping subject comprehension, increase their confidence and support them in developing additional skills.


Our group sessions are open to all programs including:

  • Charter Schools

  • DOE Schools

  • Preventive Clinics

  • Homeless Shelters

  • Transitional Housing

  • Supportive Housing

  • Head Start

  • Community Centers

  • Beacon Programs

  • Cornerstone Programs

  • After School Programs


Some additional info to know about our Tutoring sessions:

  • Provide either one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring support for school-age children.

  • Provide in the form of tutoring and mentoring.

  • Provide alternative approaches to conveying concepts for students whose predominant learning styles are not being adequately addressed

    • Initial subjects include Math and English Language Arts (ELA)

    • The tutoring location is in a dedicated and quiet room

    • Parental involvement is encouraged, and the goal is to provide guidance to the parents about how to best continue the efforts at home.

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