Our Arts and Craft programming are for all ages including Early Childhood, School Age Children, Adults and Seniors. While the Arts and Craft programming are much more popular with our Senior programs nonetheless crafting is a hobby that all people truly enjoy. There are profound health benefits with crafting including cognitive stimulation.

For Children

Our Arts and Craft classes for children are empowering because they allow children to creatively express themselves. Some of the other benefits our classes offer include improving fine motor skills, social development, teaching them time management, inspires them to be creative thinkers and more.​

For Seniors and Adults

Our Arts and Craft classes are especially great for seniors and adults because it helps with dementia, reduces anxiety and depression, evokes childhood memories, restores confidence and of course, these group sessions are a great way to socialize with peers. 

  • Sewing

  • Knitting

  • Crocheting

  • Quilting

  • Jewelry Making and Beading

  • Painting

  • Drawing and Illustration

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