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At NYEG we believe that Gardening provides all people the opportunity to be out in nature, learn about plants and growing your own food, serves as a great workout and most importantly has tremendous benefits for mental health. Our programming is open to all age groups and programs including Early Childhood, School Age, Adults, Seniors and all others. We have programs that have a lot of space indoor and outdoor and we also have many programs with limited space.

Gardening Program for Early Childhood and School Age

Whether children are new to gardening or just want to learn the basics, these classes are a great tool to further increase knowledge and improve skills. Each class serves as an exciting adventure for children!

  • Learn about ecology, sustainability, and conservation

  • Learn about seeds and where food comes from

  • Improve emotional and social well-being

  • Develop physical skills                                        

  • Learn about Nutrition

  • Increases concentration

  •  Increase fruit and vegetable consumption

  •  Increases self-esteem and confidence

  • Develops ownership and sense of responsibility

  •   Improves behavior and attitude

Gardening Program for Adults and Seniors

Gardening provides opportunities for our seniors and adults to connect with nature. Connecting with nature has profound benefits that go beyond just being outdoors the impact it has directly on your health and well-being is immeasurable. Our gardening programming for seniors and adults could be conducted outdoors or indoors depending on the space of the program. The benefits of our gardening classes include.

  • Helps with Isolation

  • Reduces stress

  • Improve mood

  • Increases concentration

  • Increases self-esteem and confidence

  • Supports with memory loss

  • serves as a great workout

  • Improves flexibility and mobility

  • Improves immune system

Corporate Gardening Program

In a typical office environment, there are always a few employees here and there that will take the initiative to water and maintain plants inside or outdoors. With FSG's corporate gardening program, we aim to create a cohesive environment where all the employees participate in the managing and ongoing continuous development of the garden either indoor and or outdoors. The benefits of incorporating gardening in the workplace have some profound benefits that include increasing better camaraderie, beautifying the office space indoors and or outdoors and in some cases learning to grow your own food. Gardening also presents employees with an opportunity to get away from their keyboard for 30 minutes and use this time to distress and they get their hands a little dirty.

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